Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Pantograph Quilting

I wanted to start out by showing a few of the quilts that I have quilted. These have all been pantograph quilted. This is the type of quilting that I prefer to do at this stage in my life. One of the great things about pantographs is I can get the quilts back to the owners at a faster paste. It can takes days for a quilter to complete a custom job. And while the outcome is amazing it still is a longer process. There are so many beautiful pantographs out in the world today. this first quilt has a beautiful flower pantograph called Clematis. It has such an elegant feel to it.
This quilt is quilted with a pantograph called Springtime. I think the butterflies and daisies really add to the feel of this quilt with the beautiful flowered fabric.

This final quilt is quilted with a pantograph called wandering daises. Just a great light hearted design.